Friday, June 20

Michelle Westermann-Behaylo works as a professor at the University of Amsterdam has worked at the American University in Washington, D.C. Her research focuses on global corporate responsibility and stakeholder management and she has investigated the role of business in building sustainable peace and promoting human rights. Before earning her Ph.D., Professor Westermann gained a variety of experiences in the public and private sector as an international trade attorney and merchant banker.

 Michel Stolte is co-founder of True Price, a social enterprise that calculates and improves the true price, profits and returns of products, companies and investments. The True Price of a product includes the net social and environmental costs incurred in production, distribution, selling and consumption. Similarly, the True Profit of companies and True Returns of investments include these same costs. ?In addition, he is member of the Global Shapers – a World Economic Forum community – and member of Worldconnectors – a think tank for sustainability with 50+ Dutch key-decision makers. Before True Price he co- founded NewSilkRoads, a company that initiated one of the first co-working enterprises in Cairo, setting a trend in Egypt. In 2011, he worked as coordinator of social entrepreneurs at SOCAP EUROPE 2011, the largest international platform for social entrepreneurs and impact investors. Michel studied sociology at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam and has an expertise monetizing social externalities.

Hodan Warsame is a senior fellow who studied Sociology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Her interests include issues pertaining to identity, culture, power, ethnicity and gender in a globalized world. For her bachelor1s degree, she researched how Dutch policymakers’ changing conceptions of citizenship resulted in harsher integration policies concerning ethnic minorities. For her master’s thesis, she focused on the educational achievements of Moroccan youth and possible explanations for the educational success of some students who face the same lack of traditional forms of social, economic, and
cultural capital that other, underachieving Moroccan students face. During the last phase of her studies, she started working for Diversion, an agency for social innovation, where she coordinated and developed educational project concerning ethnic, cultural, religious, and sexual diversity.

Ruud Tevreden is a MSc Environment and Resource Management student at the VU University, Amsterdam. He received his post-initial M.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies from CEDLA/UvA and his B.A. Political Science and International Relations from University College Roosevelt. For his M.A. thesis, he researched the formation of a national identity through architecture in a post-colonial Belize and Brazil and his B.A thesis was used an intersectional approach on explaining the suicide bombing in the Palestine Israeli conflict. For several months, he has been blogging on Tumblr, queerintersectional, about global social justice. In addition to blogging, He is on the editorial board of Roet In Het Eten (with Quinsy Gario) and on the technical board of Redmond Amsterdam (with Hodan Warsame), discussing Pan-European issues from an intersectional approach.

Noura Hanna is part of the Monitoring and Evaluation team at UTZ Certified, and involved in the assessment of the program’s impact. She also supports the development and implementation of UTZ’s approach on social issues such as workers’ rights, child labor and smallholders’ income. Before joining UTZ, Noura worked at Oxfam Novib where she managed development projects in 13 different countries on multiple developmental and social issues.

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