Friday, June 6

Ikenna Azuike is the creator of What’s Up Africa and the co-founder of Strawberry Earth,
an organization that promotes awareness about sustainability. Furstrated with the
unbalanced and often inaccurate portrayal of Africa in Western media, he created a video
blog called What’s Up Africa. WUA is a provocative and entertaining program about
African news, initiatives and people. The initiative seeks to counterbalance the amount of
African news coverage focused on war and famine, or, on the other hand providing over
the top, saccharine reports on Africa’s progress. Azuike has published in the Washington
Post and Huffington Post has featured his articles. Furthermore he has a radio show at
Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

Anne Ruth Wertheim grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia during the colonial rule of the Netherlands. During the Second World War her family, partly Jewish, was put into Japanese POW camps, from her fathers’ side hardly anyone survived. During her studies in the Netherlands Wertheim became interested in the development of ‘good’ education, key-concepts being global education, peace education and anti-racism. Drawing upon both these interests and personal history Wertheim started researching the concept of racism in the Netherlands, and found a shift towards cultural racism. According to Wertheim, cultural racism is mostly exposed when looking at the distrustful manner the Dutch deal with immigrant cultures and religions. As cultural racism is related to an increased chance of resorting into collective violence, Wertheim believes all efforts should be directed to fighting concepts such as Islamophobia.

Mitchell Esajas is currently doing an MSc in Anthropology at the Free University in Amsterdam and is chairman of New Urban Collective. NUC is a youth platform that seeks to empower youth with a variety of cultural backgrounds. NUC seeks to improve the position of multicultural youth in Dutch society by providing them with tools to enable personal development. In 2012 Esajas won the ECHO WO-award, a prestigious academic award that is handed out once a year. ECHO is a national center of expertise working on the implementation and execution of diversity policies of educational offices, government offices and corporate businesses through training, consulting and project management.

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