Monday, June 2

Lars van Troost is Head of the Strategic Studies Project at Amnesty International
Netherlands (AINL). Between 1994 and 2013 he worked at AINL as International Criminal
Law project officer and as head of several departments, such as the Refugee Department,
the External Relations Department and the Political Affairs and Press Office. Between
1995 and 2010 he represented Amnesty International in diplomatic negotiations on the
International Criminal Court in New York, Rome, The Hague and Kampala. He is chair of the
Advisory Board of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (College voor de Rechten van
de Mens).

Greg Shapiro is an American comedian residing in the Netherlands, who successfully
addresses sensitive issues like immigration, Dutch culture and racism. For 20 years, he’s
been collecting stories about his clumsy assimilation into Dutch culture, which he draws
upon for his many comedy projects onstage, on tv, on radio, and in print. He has become
the go-to person for humorous perspective on America – or an outsider’s perspective on
the Netherlands. Shapiro has worked with well-known figures from Dutch entertainment
and politics to help them make jokes, and sometimes turn the tables.

Jelle Klaas is a lawyer at Fischer Advocaten in Haarlem since 2004. Fischer Advocaten
specializes in social-economic human rights. They try to help people who are excluded from
basic human rights, such as shelter, food, benefits or education, in securing these rights.
Most of their clients are undocumented people. Klaas works on high profile discrimination
cases like the exclusion of all people with an Iranian background from certain technical
studies and facilities by the State and a famous case about a young girl who is forbidden to
wear her headscarf to school. Simultaneously, Klaas is the project coordinator for the
Public Interest Litigation Project, a human rights strategic litigation program.

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