Monday, June 16

Topics of the day

Today, you will travel to the European capital of International Justice: Den Haag (The
Hague). Firstly, we will dive into the diplomatic world of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We
have assembled a range of speakers that will introduce and explain the pursuits of the
human rights department of Foreign Affairs. We are happy to announce that Renee Jones
Bos herself, director-general of the ministry, will be welcoming you. Alexandra Valkenburg
will follow up by focusing on human rights and Simone Halink (Senior Fellow) will inform you
about Internet privacy and freedom.

In the afternoon we will visit the ICTY, the criminal court prosecuting human rights
violations in the former Yugoslavia. Presumably, we will also be present at some trials and
get more information on the tribunal.

In the early evening we are invited by the American Embassy in The Hague to have a special
Humanity in Action reception. HIA’s executive director from New York, Judy Goldstein, will
be present, as well as several NGO’s,, speakers, sponsors, host families and Senior Fellows.

Dresscode: Formal + Bring your passports! And something to eat (we have no formal
lunch today)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague
ICTY, Churchillplein 1, The Hague
Embassy of the United States of America, Lange Voorhout 102, The Hague

Internet freedom

>> 08.15 Meet at Central Station in front of Shakie’s (shakes and coffees) in the Western Tunnel of the Station. Our train leaves at 08.27 from platform 2a.

>> 09.45 –10.00 Check in and security at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

>>”! 10.00 – 10.15 Meline Arakelian, Senior Fellow, welcomes us

>> 10.15 – 10.30 Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Renée Jones Bos, director-general Ministry Foreign Affairs

>> 10.30 –11.00 Human Rights & Foreign Affairs
Alexandra Valkenburg, Head Human Rights and Political and Legal Affairs Division, Multilateral Organizations and Human Rights Department, MFA

>> 11.00- 11.45 Internet Freedom
Simone Halink, Senior policy officer internet freedom MFA

>> 11.45–12.00 Trans Atlantic relations and working in Cairo
Meline Arakelian, Senior policy officer North America And Kingdom Affairs, MFA

>> 12.00 – 12.15 Break (coffee-tea)

>> 12.15 – 12.45 Travel to ICTY: tram 17, stop Central Station Beneden
to stop Statenplein

>> 12.45 –15.30 Attend trials and information session on the ICTY

>> 15.30– 17.15 Travel back to city centre. Some time for yourself to look around, eat and enjoy The Hague.

>> 17.15 Meet in front of Embassy of the United States of America, Lange Voorhout 102

>> 17.30- 19.00 Reception HIA at the Embassy of the United States of America

>> Travel back to Amsterdam (you can travel indepent of the group. You might want to pay a visit to Scheveningen Beach, when the weather is nice)

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