Friday, June 6

Topics of the day
Today we will more extensively discuss the meaning of being white or black in Dutch
society. No better place to start the day than the ‘Tropenmuseum’ to visit their
exhibition ‘Black & White’.

Back in the Anne Frank House we are thrilled to have the famous blogger and social
media activist ‘Mr What’s up Africa!’ in da house. After lunch we will meet Anne
Ruth Wertheim, who, because of her own experiences in a Japanese prisoncamp,
became aware of racism and studied the subject throughout her life.

After listening to Mitchell Esajas, who is fighting prejudices and empowers black
youth with his New Urban Collective, we will sit down and talk in groups about our
own experiences with racism.
Tropenmuseum, Linnaeusstraat 2
Anne Frank House, Westermarkt 10


>> 10.00 -11.30 Visit exhibition Black & White in the Tropenmuseum
Gather at entrance museum at 10.00 am.

>>”! 11.30 -12.00 Travel to Anne Frank House (tram 14, from stop Alexanderplein to stop Westermarkt)

>> 12.00- 12.15 Break

>> 12.15- 13.15 Online activism: What’s up Africa
Ikenna Azuike, creator What’s up Africa, founder Strawberry Earth

>> 13.15- 14.00 Lunch

>> 14.00- 15.15 Modern Day Racism, a mixture that calls for some clarification
Anne Ruth Wertheim, survivor Japanese camp and independent researcher

>> 15.15- 16.15 NUC: Improving every day to grow roses from the concrete: how we inspire youths to realize their full potential and work to provide equal opportunities
Mitchell Esajas, founder NUC

>> 16.15 -17.15 Discussion in small groups on racism

>> 17.15 -17.30 Break

>> 17.15 -17.30 Wrapping up the Day/Week, intructions weekend

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