Tuesday, June 3

Topics of the day

Today we will focus on the starting point of the HIA summer program: how to learn from
the past to safeguard the future? We ask you to keep this question in mind throughout the
day. First we will visit the Hollandse Schouwburg, where Amsterdam Jews were forced to
gather in the war before being transported to the Dutch concentration camp Westerbork.
Joel Cahen, director of the Jewish Historical museum, will share his views on a new
national Shoa Center. David de Levita and Maarten Frankenhuis, both holocaust survivors,
will tell you more about their personal experiences and the amazing story of Jewish people
hiding in Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, during WWII. Guided by Inger Schaap we will also
explore the war monuments in this part of town, the Jewish neighborhood. Abram de
Swaan will introduce us to a theme dear to HIA: prosecutors and bystanders. In the
evening we will discuss Roma rights, again in connection to WW II, with filmmaker and
Roma expert Orhan Galjus.

Hollandse Schouwburg, Plantage Middenlaan 24, Walter Suskindzaal, Amsterdam

National Shoa Center
Personal stories from WW II
Memory Walk & Prosecutors and bystanders
Roma Rights and WW II

>> 09.00 – 09.30 Visit the Hollandse Schouwburg

>> 09.30 -10.30 Towards a National Shoa Center and Museum
Joel Cahen, General Director Jewish Historical Museum

>> 10.30 -10.45 Break

>> 10.45 -11.45 What determines war trauma?
David de Levita, holocaust survivor & prof. Child Psychiatry

>> 11.45 -13.00 The survival of Artis Amsterdam Zoo in WW II
Maarten Frankenhuis, holocaust survivor and former director Artis

>> 13.00 -13.45 Lunch at Cafe Koosje

>> 13.45 -14.05 Memory Walk
Inger Schaap, Anne Frank House

14.15 -15.00 Visit monuments and interview people

15.00 -15.30 Presentations and wrap up

>> 15.30- 16.45 The Killing Compartments: the mentality of mass murder
Abram de Swaan, professor emeritus social science, University of Amsterdam

>> 17.00- 19.00 Dinner

>> 19.00- 21.00 Documentary Broken Silence
Q & A with director Orhan Galjus, chair Roma Task Force Group

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