Thursday, June 6

Markus Balkenhol holds a M.A. degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a M.A. degree in Anthropology and German literature from Freie Universität Berlin. Currently he is affiliated with Meertens Instituut and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Centre for the Humanities, where he is working towards a PhD degree as part of the research programme ‘Heritage Dynamics’. In his project, he researches the commemoration of slavery in the Netherlands. His main research interests include memory studies, post-colonialism, the body, aesthetics, authenticity, and cultural heritage.

Kenneth Regilio Donau is the Editor in Chief of Slavernij Online (Slavery Online), an online community on the history of slavery and her legacy. Slavery Online is founded in response to the commemoration year of the abolition of slavery 150 years ago. The goal of the website is to start a permanent online community where visitors can go to for ‘honest’ and ‘reliable’ information on the history of slavery. Besides this, Donau is also a senior technology expert at HP Company.

Jennifer Tosch is the founder of the Black Heritage Amsterdam Tours. Initially she came to the Netherlands to follow a post-colonial history course at the Black Europe Summer School (BESS) in Amsterdam. However the transformative experience she had as a student of the BESS, but also from a void that she encountered regarding positive narratives about the presence and contributions of the African Diaspora in the Netherlands, were the inspiration for Black Heritage Amsterdam Tours. Tosch has studied Sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, and has also just completed a studying post-colonial history at Utrecht University.

Cynthia Mc leod is a Surinamese novelist. She debuted in 1995 with Hoe duur was de suiker? (What’s the price of Sugar?) – a novel that became an unexpected and unprecedented best seller in Suriname. Another well-known novel of her is: De vrije negerin Elisabeth (2000) (The free black slave Elisabeth), for which she completed five-year extensive research in the Dutch historic archives. From 1969 to 1978 she taught Dutch Language and Literature in pre-university education in Paramaribo. Besides writing, she also organizes free educational trips for Surinamese school children with her motorized vessel, the Sweet Merodia. She further engages in historic city tours through the centre of historic Paramaribo.

Zarayda Groenhart started her career at television in 2005 with a good idea and a bold plan. Without any tv experience, Zarayda hit the streets to ask youngsters what they wanted with the new MTV Network. With that feedback she made a television format and began to stalk the board of MTV with this. Afterwards, Zarayda landed her very first job in the television world. After 2.5 years at MTV, she started workig as television host at BNN for five years. Besides presenting television shows, Zarayda also presented radio shows at NPS and FunX, has written articles for Nieuwe Revu, Varagids and Viva and has developed an interview series called God, Money & Beautiful Women.

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