Wednesday, June 5

Gloria Wekker is emirata professor of Women’s Studies in the Arts at the Institute for Media and Representation at the University of Utrecht. Born in Suriname, Wekker migrated to Amsterdam and has served on many governmental and social advisory boards, including the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Culture on Ethnic Minorities’ Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Directorate Coordination Emancipation Affairs, both in The Hague. In April 2006, Columbia University Press published her book ‘The Politics of Passion; Women’s Sexual Culture in the Afro-Surinamese Diaspora’ for which she received the Ruth Benedict Prize of American Anthropological Association.

Quinsy Gario conceptualized the performance art project Zwarte Piet Is Racism (Black Pete is Racism) that takes a critical look at the black servants that are part of the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. In 2011 Quinsy was arrested for wearing a t-shirt from his project during the nationally televised parade connected to the tradition. Quinsy studied Theater, Film and Television Studies and minored in Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Utrecht. He is also a poet and an artist having performed and exhibited in The Netherlands, Britain, Denmark and France among other places. He initiated the critical platform Roet in Het Eten, a Dutch metaphor for disturbing seemingly pleasant endeavors. Roet In Het Eten publishes cultural analysis online and produces a radio show on Mart Radio, a local independent Caribbean and Latin American Diaspora radio station with a reach of 90.000 listeners in greater Amsterdam.

Ali Al Jaberi is co-founder of Debating Skills. He is an experienced moderator and public speaking trainer. He studied at the University of Amsterdam’s International School for Humanities and Social Studies where he graduated cum laude in international relations. He was a youth representative for UNESCO and is a winner of various debate competitions, including the Dutch National Debating Championship (2008). He held first place in the Dutch debating ranking for two consecutive years and was ranked amongst Europe’s top-ten debaters (ESL) in 2009. He currently is a lecturer of pubic policy at The Hague University of applied Sciences.

Egbert Alejandro Martina describes himself as being a cultural critic with an interest in representations of race and gender in media and pop culture. He is interested in documenting how Black masculinity is embodied in the Netherlands. He discusses critical social issues and with this, his goal is to encourage civic participation. He writes mostly about the other side of the story that either is dismissed, or simply is not told. Martina’s intention is to PLUG the holes in the narrative. His search is for what it means to be “Black”, i.e. the other side, within a Dutch context. The questions that sparked off this search are: Is there such a thing as a “Black consciousness”? And, if so, how is it expressed? Besides this, Martina also organizes workshops, and a monthly reading group PLUG as part of the cultural embassy in the Lloyd’s hotel in Amsterdam. Egbert is the co-founder of Mediacate, an organization that focuses on teaching media literacy to young adults, and students.

Ama Carr is a member of the Labour Party in Amsterdam. She is 27 years old and her roots lie in Ghana. She currently studies International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Ama resides in The Bijlmer for 20 years already.

Hodan Warsame studied Sociology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Her interests include issues pertaining to identity, culture, power, race, and gender in a globalized world. She produces and co-hosts Redmond, a local Amsterdam radio show that discusses pop culture and politics from an intersectional point of view. Hodan also works at the Evert Vermeer Foundation, a NGO that lobbies for greater congruence (policy coherence) between European and Dutch development cooperation policy aimed at bolstering the development of the Global South and other areas of policy, such as energy policies and trade policies. Within the foundation she organizes public events to reach out to the Dutch public and raise awareness about dilemma’s and questions within development aid.

Ruud Tevreden is an MSc Environment and Resource Management student at the VU University, Amsterdam. He received his post-initial M.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies from CEDLA/UvA and his B.A. Political Science and International Relations from University College Roosevelt. For his M.A. thesis, he researched the formation of a national identity through architecture in a post-colonial Belize and Brazil and his B.A thesis was used an intersectional approach on explaining the suicide bombing in the Palestine Israeli conflict. For several months, he has been blogging on Tumblr, queerintersectional, about global social justice. In addition to blogging, he is on the editorial board of Roet In Het Eten (with Quinsy Gario) and on the technical board of Redmond Amsterdam (with Hodan Warsame), discussing Pan-European issues from an intersectional approach. Ruud currently resides in Amsterdam.

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