Friday, June 14

Mostafa Hilali serves as a major in the Royal Netherlands Army and is a former board member of HIA The Netherlands. Also, he is a member of the Jewish-Moroccan Network Amsterdam and Atlantic Commission. During his service in the Royal Netherlands Army, Mostafa was involved in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia, where amongst other responsibilities, he helped his Dutch military colleagues better understand local Islamic cultures. His interactive presentation will be about how to act when it comes to perspective on human rights, human responsibilities and frictions that occur. He will do this from a M4 perspective, which stands for Moroccan, Muslim, Male and Military.

Kinga Jelinska is a project manager for Women on Web, an organization that facilitates access to safe abortion services with abortion pills. Kinga Jelinska will speak about her project,, and a telemedical non‐profit service helping women access Mifepristone and Misoprostol in countries with restrictive access to safe abortion.

Gijs Bruggeman
is legally deafblind. He was born deaf and at the age of 9 was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome type 1, which led to his blindness. He was well aware that his live would change dramatically by becoming a deaf blind person but accepted this as part of his identity. He knew that it was crucial for him to get the best education and support. With no other support than a sign‐language interpreter he attended High School. Due to his limited vision there was absolutely no way for him to graduate in The Netherlands without the adequate support. He thus moved to the United States, where better support to disabled students was offered. Gijs graduated within 5 years and got his B.S. degree in Business Administration. At the moment Gijs works as coordinator for the Deaf blind at the Welfare for the Deaf Foundation (SWDA).

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