Monday, June 3

Garance Reus-Deelder was born in 1966 in Delft and spent her elementary school years in Zambia. She studied Business Economics at Amsterdam University 1985-1990 preceded by a year at Alabama University. After her study she worked as a marketing manager for Unilever, then as client partner for and then as communications and campaigns manager for Amnesty International. Reus-Deelder is married and has two children. She has been managing director at the Anne Frank House since 1 January 2012.

Swaan van Iterson is a senior fellow from the Amsterdam 2010 program that studied social sciences at the University of Amsterdam. In her studies, she focused on ethnic tensions, populism, nationalism and extremism. Being half-Hungarian herself, she wrote her thesis on why students in Budapest identify with the right-wing Jobbik party and how this identification relates to different activities within a broader subculture. She went back to Budapest to make a documentary on this topic for her action plan. Currently, Swaan works as a freelancer at the Anne Frank House and is involved in different research projects on the far right.

Barry van Driel was educated at universities in the Netherlands and the United States. He holds a graduate degree in the Psychology of Culture and Religion with a specialization in education. He joined the staff of the Anne Frank House in 1992, where he is now international director for teacher training and curriculum development. He has been the Editor in Chief of the international academic journal Intercultural Education since 2000 and the Secretary General of the International Association for Intercultural Education since 2002. Barry is also senior education consultant to the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) in Warsaw as well as a consultant to UNESCO and the FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency) . He has worked with a variety of Roma communities in the past to help improve the educational situation of Roma children. His previous books include Variant Lifestyles (with Bram Buunk, Los Angeles 1986) and most recently Confronting Islamophobia in Educational Practice and Challenging Homophobia.

Deborah van Dam studied law at Leiden University. After graduating she joins the corporate world where she holds various management positions. At 32 she bids farewell to her business career to focus solely on television. She starts out as a television reporter with a local broadcaster and soon picks up the camera herself. This results in various items on arts and culture. She joins the Dutch Public Broadcasting Corporation as radio reporter, where again she focuses mainly on the arts. At the same time she continues to develop as a cameraperson and director. In 2002 she made her first feature length radio documentary for the Public Broadcast and soon more follow. She completes various courses and master classes on the production of documentaries. In the years that follow she makes various long – and short- length films on the subject of identity and creativity. In 2006 she directs her first feature length film/documentary about the well-known singer Liesbeth List (Public Broadcast) in which she is also responsible for camerawork. This successful debut is followed by Terpe Kind Mains, Terpe (Public Broadcast) the second feature length film under her direction. Followed this year by Tackled Together (Public Broadcast) a documentary about friendship and breast cancer.

Kustaw Bessems (1977) is a journalist, columnist and a public speaker. Kustaw is head of Vonk, the Saturday background and opinion section of the De Volkskrant, The Netherlands’ leading quality newspaper. He has a weekly column on Dutch BNR News Radio and together with Dirk Jacob Nieuwboer he has authored ‘Doe eens normaal man. In 7 stappen naar een betere politiek’ (‘Act normal man. 7 steps toward better politics’). Before launching Vonk in September, Kustaw was involved with the quality free-sheet Dagblad De Pers, mainly as a political correspondent. Earlier he worked for the newspaper Trouw, where he specialized in integration, islam, counterterrorism and intelligence, focusing on the human story. Kustaw has been a commentator on daily late night Show ‘Pauw & Witteman’, gives lectures and last season hosted his own theatrical live talk show in the Amsterdam based debate center De Balie. He is currently also cooperating with a variety of filmmakers on an international web video project about individual choices by migrants, to be launched coming year. Kustaw holds a MA in modern history from Amsterdam University. For his journalism he was received several awards and nominations. Kustaw is an alumnus of the International Visitor Program, a Marshall Memorial Fellow and a fellow of the Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration that brought him to Germany, the US, Turkey and Canada to study migration.

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