Saturday, June 1

Harry Jacob van den Bergh studied Political Science and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. He was a Member of the Dutch Parliament, a member of the Council of Europe, a member of the city council of Amstelveen, and a member of the supervisory boards of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and of the Truman Institute. Currently, Van den Bergh is a member of the Dutch Committee of Human Rights Watch and the chair of Humanity in Action The Netherlands.

Ed van Thijn was Mayor of Amsterdam from 1983 until 1994 and Secretary of the Interior (1981-1982 and 1994). He is a member of the Labor Party (PvdA). Van Thijn has also worked for the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia and is a member of the Dutch Helsinki Committee. From 1995- 2003 he was endowed professor Developments in Democratic-Socialism in Relation to Science and Society at the University of Amsterdam. In the ‘70s van Thijn was parliamentary leader of the Labor Party (1973-1978). He was the head of the OVSE observation mission during the 1996 elections in Bosnia. Van Thijn has been fighting for human rights his entire life. He was co-founder of Humanity in Action in The Netherlands and was the Chair of the Board of Humanity in Action Nederland. Van Thijn has published many books on his political career and on his experiences as a child survivor. Since his retirement he devotes his time mainly to writing.

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