Monday, June 17

Topics of the day

From now on we will move to the second phase of the program. Fellows will be in action, by writing reports and visiting inspiring grassroots projects.

Today (ex) Journalist Tino Wallaart will jump-start the report groups with his customized tips. Amnesty’s campaigner Jan Willem Dol will then explain the ins and outs of campaigning, after which the fellows will work on hypothetical campaigns themselves.

After lunch the fellows will visit a unique project in which the police cooperates intensely with community center The Kandelaar around the issue of the safety of irregular migrants in neighborhood De Bijlmer.

Amnesty International & HIA office, Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam
Rosa Parks Room, ground floor

Location afternoon:
Community Center De Kandelaar, Bijlmerdreef 1239, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Irregular migrants in The Bijlmer

09.00 – 09.15 Introducing the day – Nienke Venema
09.15 – 11.00 ‘Reports Clinic’
Every group presents the outline for the report.
Tino Wallaart, journalist, will react to the proposals.
11.00 -12.45 ‘Workshop campaigning: tips and tricks’
Jan Willem Dol, campaigns Amnesty International
12.45 – 13.30 Lunch at Amnesty
14.24 Metro 53 to metro station Ganzenhoef
15.00 – 17.00 ‘Unique collaboration between police and community center: undocumented people in the Bijlmer’
Presentation by Sidney Mutueel (Police, policy advisor), Michael Zwart (Police, diversity project leader) and Emmanuel Koney (pastor, working at the community center)

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