Monday, June 3

Topics of the day

Today will focus on the starting point of HIA’s summer program: how to learn from the past to safeguard
the future? We ask fellows to keep this question in mind throughout the day,

To begin with, we will dive into the history of Anne Frank and examine how her message is presented and
spread worldwide by the Anne Frank House. Fellows will then watch a moving documentary about a
lady who went in hiding as a baby, and get the opportunity to speak to the director about afterwards.

The day will be closed by a famous Dutch journalist and opinion maker, who will raise more questions
about remembering WWII as well as on the tension between our constitutional freedoms (of religion,
speech, education, etc.).

Anne Frank House, Westermarkt 10
Do not stand in line with tourists who want to visit the museum! Our entrance is around the corner!

Relevance of the Holocaust, Part 2: Education
Freedom of speech, Part 1

08.45 Meet in front of Westermarkt 10
09.00 ‐ 09.15 Welcome and introducing The Anne Frank House.
09.15 ‐ 10.15 Visit the Anne Frank Museum by yourself
10.15 Meet in Museum Cafe
10.15 ‐ 10.30 Coffee & Tea in the lecture room
10.30 ‐ 10.40 ‘Welcome on behalf of the Anne Frank House’
by Garance Reus‐Deelder, director Anne Frank House
10.40 ‐ 11.20 ‘Free2Choose filmclips
& workshops for youth’
by Swaan van Iterson, HIA Senior Fellow and
freelancer for the Anne Frank House
11.20 ‐ 12.30 ‘Holocaust Education and Human Rights Education: friends or foes?’
by Barry van Driel, International Director for Teacher Training and Curriculum
Development, Anne Frank House
12.30 ‐ 13.30 Lunch outside (own expenses)
13.30 ‐ 15.00 Group presentations of the weekend assignment
15.00 ‐16.30 Screening of documentary ‘The Baby’
For war baby Anneke, who was brought to the United States
when she was five years old, her past has always been a mystery.
65 Years later, the confrontation with this past, filled with taboos,
becomes inevitable.
16.30 – 17.30 Q & A with director The Baby, Deborah van Dam and researcher
Martine van Poeteren.
17.30‐ 18.30 ‘Freedom of Speech?
by Kustaw Bessems

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