Saturday, June 1

Topics of the day

Welcome to the program! Today will be devoted to welcoming you to The Netherlands, as well as to
getting to know each other as a group. The staff will provide practical information about the program,
after which everyone in the group will share a story about why they feel strongly about human rights.

The chair of the board of HIA The Netherlands, Harry van den Bergh, will speak a few welcoming words
after lunch. Ed van Thijn, former mayor of Amsterdam will then deliver the traditional opening lecture of
the program.

To prepare the fellows for the rest program, national director Nienke Venema will end the day by asking
you all to participate in a session where we will outline a few ground rules on how to talk and discuss with
each other in the upcoming weeks. We would like to emphasize that some subjects can be more sensitive
to fellows than others, and that everyone speaks always from their own perspective.

Hollandse Schouwburg, Walter Suskindzaal, Plantage Middenlaan 24, Amsterdam

Welcome and introductions
Relevance of the Holocaust, Part 1
HIA Toolkit

10.45 Meet in front of the Hollandse Schouwburg
11.00 ‐ 11.20 Welcome and intro staff
11.20 ‐ 13.00 Fellow introductions with an object that symbolizes your passion for Human
Rights (3 minutes per person!)
13.00 ‐ 14.00 Lunch at Cafe Koosje, Plantage Middenlaan 37
14.00 ‐ 14.20 ‘Be loyal to your ideals’
by Harry van den Bergh, chair Dutch HIA Board
14.20 ‐ 15.45 ‘Dilemmas of a Jewish politician’
by Ed van Thijn, former mayor of Amsterdam
15.45 ‐ 16.00 Explanation of weekend assignment
16.00 – 17.00 ‘HIA Toolkit: privilege, positionality & safe spaces’
by Nienke Venema, national director HIA

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