A Day In Photos

Deniece brought to the floor in her fellow talk the topic of “colorism”. People of color tend  to mimic white people who set such standards  to get their acceptance.

Damir captured our attention when he gave a lecture on  The sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in regards to human rights. Lets not forget that the goals are closely aligned with human rights standards most targets explicitly reflects to the contents of corresponding to human needs like accessibility, quality education, and healthcare to mention but a few.

Sinan Cankaya introduced us to “micro revolution” and how to respond to small aggressions or racism.

We headed to the East of Amsterdam at vereninging Ons Suriname where we met a Senior Fellow Mitchell Esajas who runs the Black Archives. Surprisingly we saw a book that was signed by Langston Huges.
It couldn’t have been any better when we closed the summed up the day by watching the filming of “I am not your Negro”